Attorney Review

Attorney Review


We have a vast network of legal professionals, each bringing great contributions through their personal mix of expertise and experience: years of service, education, foreign language proficiency, areas of law practiced, industry knowledge and more. Our staff carefully reviews the skill sets of the hundreds of qualified attorneys already evaluated by our team and selects the right people for your project.

making the case for outsourcing

When we got into this business, we knew we wanted to bring our clients the finest contract attorneys in the area. To do so requires that we not only attract but keep the best — so far, so good. We offer a professional work environment, competitive pay, dedicated resources and a commitment to the success of our contract attorneys. They know they are an important part of our team and, as a result, they deliver again and again.


Not only do we have the talent but EQD has multiple site locations, computers, ediscovery software and a secure infrastructure that relieves the burden of material costs and management.

how can we help you?

Our team of professional attorneys can assist with numerous types of projects. The level of support is entirely up to you. Project Managers and Team Leads provide additional governance that mitigates both burden and risk for our clients. Once reviews are complete, additional services can be performed that help transfer knowledge from our team to yours.


Managed Attorney Reviewsmanaged document reviews

EQD offers a fully outsourced linear review team that is enhanced by the addition of a project manager, and supplemental quality control measures, reporting and documentation that gives you both visibility and reassurance. Our proven processes center on establishing expectations early, and delivering on them. This requires ongoing communication, an effective strategy, and the right team.


Document Reviewsdocument reviews

Whether you have processed, filtered, and culled your ediscovery matter in house or enlisted support from our EQD services group, we can assist with this next important phase of the project by bringing the right experience to your team. Our skilled attorneys will review each page of each document tagging, noting, highlighting and redacting critical pieces of information.


Special Projectsspecial projects

Turn to EQD for temporary scalability to your workforce. Our contract attorneys are available for short-term project work that may not be the traditional document review job but requires similar talents.



Permanent Staffingpermanent staffing

From time to time, clients are so impressed with our contract attorneys they opt to bring one on staff. We will also tap into our pool of candidates for full-time placement. Let us know what you are looking for, and we'll compare against our database of exceptional professionals.

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