Behind EQD

Successfully serving customers, employees and the overall company well being has yielded outstanding results and has been the catalyst for expansion into new areas. It has required a partnership with every client, a commitment from each employee, and a leadership team that assures each facet maintains proper balance.



EQD opened its doors in Dallas, TX as The MedLeh Group, a provider of legal discovery services, in August 1994. At the time, discovery was largely comprised of boxes of paper and the timetable to copy, and later scan, the pages was short and immediate. To meet the unbending demands of the legal industry, the Company invested in technology and developed processes that provided accuracy and timeliness at a reasonable cost. From that standpoint, not much has changed.


Today, we are known as EQD. EQD continues to serve law firms and corporations with legal matters, whether litigation, internal investigations, government or regulatory. In addition to our electronic discovery core competency, we have an expert team of project managers and analysts along with an extensive network of contract attorney reviewers. Furthermore, our managed services program gives clients the benefit of EQD's experience and technology while mitigating financial burdens.


The expansion of our offering falls largely in step with the transformation of discovery services throughout the country. The quick and abundant onset of electronically stored information in the late 90's was met in kind with technology that imaged and catalogued files, and later allowed reviewing and redacting. Early assessment tools followed that provided filtering, culling, and analysis to largely reduce the expanding size of collections and pinpoint critical pieces of information. For EQD, that solution was needlefinder, a proprietary ediscovery tool that quickly became the centerpiece of the company. In 2009 we added Relativity, and we have steadily grown our ediscovery services division and streamlined our processes in order to provide outstanding client support. 

SINCE 1994

The company was founded as a legal services company providing paper and imaging services primarily for discovery

Paper discovery materials are imaged and stored in searchable databases

needlefinder was introduced in 2002 as a processing engine. It very quickly grew into a single platform ediscovery solution offering processing, analysis, review and production.

In 2009 EQD became a Relativity partner, providing complementary professional support through project management, analysis, and hosting.

EQD's Managed Document Review division was opened in 2010 in response to market demands for single source providers. Today we have hundreds of attorneys available through our network.

SINCE 2014

EQD launched Managed Services, aligning existing offerings into a single workflow while flattening monthly costs for our clients.

Over the years, EQD's name and capabilities may have evolved but the original focus towards the success of our customers, our employees and our company has remained true.

Leadership Team

leadership team

EQD's leadership team is an eclectic blend of operational, financial, specialty and industry experience. Each member provides a unique perspective, giving EQD a well-rounded view of the company, the employees, the marketplace, and how best to serve the legal industry. Some of our leaders have a long tenure with EQD and have grown professionally alongside it, others bring outside expertise and a new perspective. All are committed to the clients, the staff, current success and future growth.

  • Jeff Cole
    Managing Director

    Jeff is responsible for sales and business development across all of EQD's markets. Jeff joined EQD in 1999 as Vice President of the Dallas market and has been instrumental in building a team that has made the company one of the premier legal support providers in the country. He began his career in the legal services industry in 1992, working with a leading litigation support company for which he served in both operations and general management capacities. Since then, Jeff has developed a proven track record and a wealth of knowledge in designing successful sales and business development strategies that are focused on providing unparalleled customer service.

    Jeff Cole
  • Mike Mirabella
    Managing Director

    Mike is responsible for building and managing Equivalent DATA's operations. He has more than twenty years of experience in the legal services industry, and he has held numerous executive management positions during that time. Prior to joining Equivalent DATA in 2005, Mike built successful sales teams and improved operations at various firms around the country, and he applies all those experiences to his work at EQD, doing so always with a friendly professionalism and personal attention to detail that distinguishes him in this role. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Southwest Texas State University.

    Mike Mirabella
  • Jeremy Donelan, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer

    Jeremy handles all of EQD's financial affairs, and he does so with an intimate understanding of the company. He started with EQD in January 2000 as a Customer Service Representative for its largest territory. In May 2001, he transitioned to the accounting side of the operation as a Business Manager, and he has been promoted within the organization since then, which is a credit to his hard work and skill as well as his willingness to assume new responsibilities and professional challenges. In 2007, he became Controller, eventually being promoted to CFO in 2012. With a Bachelors of Business Administration from Texas Christian University, Jeremy is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in Texas.

    Jeremy Donelan, CPA
  • Fred Moore
    Vice President

    Fred serves as the Vice President of the Houston market and manages Attorney Review services for EQD. He joined a national litigation service vendor in 1991 and managed five different facilities during his 9-year tenure there. He came to EQD in 2003. Since then, his contributions to the growth of his business areas have contributed greatly to the success of the company overall. He is a graduate of Sam Houston State University.

    Fred Moore
  • Michael Barry
    Director of Client Services

    Michael serves EQD as the Director of Client Services. In this capacity, he leverages his 17 years in the industry, all at EQD, to help clients save time and money. He has an intimate understanding of the industry, and he is a big-picture idealist with a proven track record of solving complex problems to meet diverse client needs. In his current role, he guides his team in following the processes and procedures that help them manage the complex demands of their ever-changing work. Michael is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

    Michael Barry
  • Julie Heim
    Director of Human Resources

    Julie joined EQD in 2004 and today has more than 15 years of management experience. Julie is a highly adaptive, team-oriented Human Resources professional with a broad-based résumé that includes training and development, employee relations, benefits administration, performance management and policy & procedure development. In addition, she recruits new personnel for EQD and is an indispensible resource for the Attorney Review team. A recognized troubleshooter, Julie draws on her extensive familiarity with employee relations to effectively bridge management and staff. She works closely with Operations to ensure that employee-related affairs yield well-balanced results. Julie holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Texas Tech University.
    Julie Heim
  • Chris Minton
    Director of Lab Services

    Chris oversees EQD's ediscovery processing services. Bringing over 20 years of management experience from a wide variety of fields, plus an engineering mindset and proven proficiency as a problem solver, he joined EQD in 2008. Chris' experience includes dealing with large projects, technical projects, project development, and improving project efficiency, all of which began with his service in the United States Army.

    Chris Minton
  • Kyle Laughbaum
    Director of Information Technology

    Kyle is responsible for the enterprise systems at Equivalent DATA and its data center. He has been involved in developing IT systems and infrastructures since 1992. In that time, he has designed, implemented, and managed systems with as many as 800+ servers, 53,000 desktops, and 80,000 users in 219 different countries worldwide, using a wide variety of other hardware and software systems. He brings that wealth of experience to EQD to ensure highly-available data and servers for both internal and client use. Kyle holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Texas A&M University.
    Kyle Laughbaum
  • Aimée McCurtain
    Director of Marketing

    Aimée spearheads the marketing of EQD's products and services, putting to use almost 20 years of experience that started when faxes and phones were the cutting edge of communication and building through her work in consulting, project management, operations, and creative development. In her career, she has had the opportunity to work on all forms of marketing initiatives, from advertising and public relations to print collateral, multimedia, websites and events. Her work took her through ten years at smaller, boutique agencies and then to a major corporate entity, NCI, in Houston where she spent another seven years, rising to the position of Vice President of Marketing. In 2012, Aimée chose to leave NCI to join a former client, EQD. Aimée is a University of Houston alum, she completed NCI's prestigious Rice Leadership Program and received her ROI certification from the ROI Institute.

    Aimée McCurtain